Paul McAleer

Running outside

Paul McAleer

A couple of years ago, I started running. I was interested in exercising, but I've had a really bad relationship with exercise in my life. I've seen it as this unfun thing that must be done, but also is really awful and yuck and why not just sit instead.

Nike+ was the thing that got me going. Making running a game? Absolutely! I like games. And I like challenging myself on some things, like this.

And here I am, nearly two years on, and running is just A Thing I Do. As a result I've seen improvements in the way I feel and the way I look. But there is one teeny secret that isn't really a secret: almost all of my running has been indoors, on a treadmill. I tried running outside once and disliked it, a lot.

But today I gave it another go. The problem is that I decided to do this in Denver. You know, where the city is one mile up, the air is thin, and just walking briskly is a challenge. I still tried it.

Running outside is hard. When talking with Shelby about her experiences running I kept one piece of advice in mind: "Slow down. Slow. No, slow down." And it was useful, because my pace was way way way too fast.

My first tough outside run, this one, was a short one by my standards. Not even two miles. But, you've gotta start somewhere. After all, my first run was 0.77 miles and that was a very difficult thing to do. My pace was slow. I walked a lot. But I still did it then, and I did it again today.

My body did it. I did it.

And the view wasn't half bad either.