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Paul McAleer

Until everyone does the work of experience professionals (IxDs inclusive) this will be a problem. Or, until everyone understands the work of experience professionals, this will be a problem.

The article is, in short, poop. I wonder if it's trolling. The suggestion is that IxDs trick people into buying things by making experiences "fun". Really:

Many websites rely on these technical experts to make the user's experience engaging and fun—though often to lure users into a purchase or transaction rather than provide personal benefits to them. Other types of website architects and managers also made the overpaid list.

I like how we're not providing personal benefits!

Also the headline of the piece is really telling. Emphasis mine.

Even in this tough economy, some workers earn boffo pay for relatively easy work

So I'm not sure what it's relative to, but my job doesn't involve manual labor - maybe that's the angle? But, this type of lazy fucking writing only furthers the notion that design work is "easy", it's all up to one person, and who gives a crap about users.

I'll just add this to my list of misconceptions I want to clear up in my career. Let's see....

  1. UX isn't UI
  2. Wireframes aren't always required
  3. UX balances user needs with business and product needs
  4. Design without research can be shit
  5. This is relatively easy work