Paul McAleer

Head first

Paul McAleer

A prerequisite: go read Whitney Hess's excellent post on how the way we pose affects our feelings. I'll wait here.

I noticed something about the way I walk. Whenever going about my daily tasks and going down a hallway or whatnot, my head was leaning forward. It wasn't profound in appearance but it felt like my brain was leading the way. And it was, both literally and figuratively.

I've been working a lot on living in my whole body and not just my noggin. This is unfamiliar territory for me: I've been a totally heads-only kind of guy. I absolutely related to this in Whitney's post: seems all we’re ever really focused on is what’s happening from the neck up.

I wondered why this was. So I tried something new: I tried walking with my heart leading the way.

As a result I carry myself very differently and I feel more confident because I am more confident in this pose. Now, this doesn't yet come naturally to me; I actually need to remind myself of the way I'm walking (and how about that!) but I'm practicing in order to make this my default.

These are the small moves we can make, the small adjustments, that may seem trivial or even nonsensical but really can change our whole selves.