Paul McAleer

Video: The Best Advice

Paul McAleer

I haven't done video on the web in about, ah, a damn long time. So I'm giving it another go with short videos on topics of interest to me. You know: UX, leadership, management, peanut butter. Essential stuff. 

Here is the first. I would like your feedback, so please tweet at me with what you think. 

(And yep, I think I'm sticking with purple for now.)


The best piece of advice I've gotten in my career so far as a manager was from one of my previous bosses. She was probably one of the best bosses of my career. (I currently have a boss, too. He's pretty good.) She told me once I got promoted that I should treat every day like it's opposite day. She said, "Do the opposite of what you think you should do."

To be honest with you that advice has done wonders for me. There's a small part of me that would really like to tell the people on my team exactly how to do their work, because I know how I would do it. That's what I'm comfortable and familiar with. That's not what I've chosen to do. Instead what I do is, I put the trust and faith in my team members and the people around me, and just let them do their jobs.

We have a rough idea of what we need to do, sometimes it's more concrete. They figure out the problem, they figure out how to fix it, and we go from there.

Part of me was snickering at that in part because it's so elementary, but it's hard to find. There are a lot of bosses out in the world who want to tell you exactly the ten steps you need to take to do something. But that's not the environment that I want to work in and it's not how I want things to be, either.

So, doing the opposite of that has been absolutely fantastic for me. And that's the best advice I've gotten.