Paul McAleer

Strong opinions, weakly held

Paul McAleer

You know the phrase, "Strong opinions, weakly held," right? Have you ever applied it to your opinions of yourself?

Steve Jobs was notorious for this, declaring that Apple would "never" do something and then find Apple doing it a year or two later. Some people didn't like this and suggested he was wishy-washy. But that's business. That's easy.

I can't sing. More precisely, I kept telling myself I couldn't sing. Now, anyone with a voice can sing but somewhere in my past, I brought this fable in and made it a part of my story, the story of who I am. (How and when is important to understand but not for this argument.)

But the truth is that I sing a lot! I sing in the car all the time, and I sing to my son, and I make up songs. Music is a part of my life. I am not a trained singer, no, so the quality of my singing (on an objective level) may not be very good.

Now, we'll see if I start singing at a daily standup at work (possible!) But, it was time to let go of this strong opinion I had of myself simply because it was false.

What are the strong opinions about you and your past that you are holding on to? Why are you holding on to them? Is there evidence out there supporting your opinion anymore? Maybe it's time to let go of them.