Paul McAleer

Where it fits in

Paul McAleer

Work is work and will be a part of most people's lives for some really large amount of time. But while care in our work is extremely important, you also must be mindful of where it fits in to your life.

Do you want to be remembered as the person who spent 40 hours a week fighting over a button color? Maybe you do. Maybe this is something that is, in fact, quite important to you. I will not judge you for it. For me, that's not what I want to fight for and fight over. Ultimately it matters within the context of the thing I'm making; in the moment, that type of attention to detail is noteworthy. But in 70 years I don't see the impact. And I'm comfortable with acknowledging that maybe there is none. Value is in the now, but probably not in the year 2083.

When you're on your deathbed, will you say, "Oh man. I really wish that I had won that fight for my user flow in 2009!"

Consider what you're working for, and where you're putting your focus, care, and attention.