Paul McAleer

Video: Fakin' It

Paul McAleer


I don't believe in "fake it till you make it". I think the first time I heard that phrase and really disowned it and didn't like it was only within the past year, because my brain was driving how I felt about that.

"Faking it" means that you're not that, and you're pretending. There's something to pretending and there's a time for that. But when it comes to being yourself and developing yourself, fake it sounds really phony and it feels ungenuine and disgenuine and not true! I had a hard time with that, my brain really really did.

Interestingly I started really taking that advice and sitting with it. Ultimately what I found is I kind of do believe in it. But the *way* that I see it and hear it and feel it is more of this: I am actually already the person I want to be.

There's a lot of talk about the person you are versus the person you want to be versus the person you were... there's really no versus, you just kind of *are*. And I already have the capability in me, and the ability, to choose what I want to do and who I want to be and how I define myself - that's totally up to me. And, "fake it" suggests it's just this pretend thing. But when I position it with myself and interpret it as, "Hey, this is *you*!" that's a very different approach and that's the approach that works for me.

So I don't go for faking it. I'm being genuine and real. And I also have the opportunity to change who I am at any time so I don't need to fake it, I just am. For me that's the more powerful and exciting stuff.