I admit that a part of me got really, really tired of hearing about how I should just "let go" of something. "If you love something, set it free." Fables about what comes back to you. All of that felt phony and artificial and like a bunch of hooey to me. 

Then I started really examining what I was  holding on to.

So much of what I was holding on to - and still am, in some cases - is so buried in my heart that I've put up giant walls around it. It's nothing harmful. It's nothing hurtful. There are no secrets in my own heart. And yet I keep these things close to appear fearless, adroit, invulnerable - I keep them close to appear like I'm "me", although that's not me  anymore.

There are some things I did let go of: fear here, ignorance there. And as a result? Huge changes in my life - not just for me, but for others. So what happens when those giant walls crumble? 

I'll never know if I don't just let them go.