Personal, UXPaul McAleer

I'm joining Centralis

Personal, UXPaul McAleer

I'm proud to share that I have a new job. Starting on August 5th I'll be working with the good people at Centralis as a UX Strategist.

In my post about my podcast, I spoke about how exciting and cool it would be to do something with a person who I respect and admire. Thanks to my new job I'll have that opportunity every day  with a company I respect and admire.

I first crossed paths with Centralis almost a decade ago, when my employer at the time used them for usability testing and a card sort. It was my first real exposure to the world of professional usability and research, and I was very impressed. Everything was carefully considered, from the recruiting methods used down to the snacks in the usability lab observation room. The care they put into their work is evident.

A little more than a month ago I got in touch with Kathi Kaiser and Lyman Casey, Centralis's co-founders, about where their business was and where I was in my career. That soon led to conversations about the fit between us. Meeting new people. Discussing big ideas and the tiny details. And shortly after that, it was very clear there was a fit.

Kathi and Lyman established Centralis 12 years ago, and I respect the way they've grown the business. Their clients are an impressive mix, and Kathi and Lyman have worked hard to seek out clients with interesting design problems. That really appeals to me.

I'm tickled to be working on UX strategy at a time when we, collectively, need it most. Connecting the dots between design and business is a great, fun challenge and taking it to organizations and companies who can benefit from it is pretty much exactly what I want to be doing. I'm really  excited to be working on this with smart people in a good environment.

(And yes, Centralis is hiring.)