TechniquesPaul McAleer

Make small plans

TechniquesPaul McAleer

Big plans are exciting. Big plans are breathtaking. Big plans are inspirational. Big plans are motivating. Big plans are thrilling. I love it when a good strategy comes together. But, I also love it when the smallest pieces are just as well-designed.

It's easy to get caught up in only paying attention to the big plans or only paying attention to the small plans. Some people are even told not to do one or the other.

For a very long time, I focused on vague and big plans. I was going to travel, or I was going to organize the entire house, or I was going to plan out family meals for the entire month. While I had components of a trusted system in place, I wasn't fully using it and thus, these big plans were just items on a to do list: too big, too clunky, never going to happen.

Instead I tried a different approach: small plans.

It would be super cool if I organized the entire house. But I know that's not going to happen Saturday, because it would take approximately 394 hours (I estimated!) Instead, "Organize my sock drawer" became something I could easily do. And so I did.

Sure, I said that in jest. But that was actually a nice accomplishment: it was something that had been bothering me. I paid attention to it, and moments later I didn't have to think about it ever ever again.

Those little things add up. Over time, they become the bigger things we want to do or need to do. But if we never make them small, never make them manageable, never make them ours, they may never happen.