The Podcasts I Listen to, 2014

At IA Summit, I was chatting with the great Jessica Ivins when she asked me, "What podcasts do you listen to?" Awesome question, and since I have a long commute, I listen to quite a few shows.

But here's the funny thing: only one of them is directly about design. I can guess why that is: not thinking directly about UX or design gives me a break to actually think about this stuff. Got it? Good.

Without further ado, the podcasts I listen to, 2014 edition.

  • 99% Invisible: Okay, so here's the design-y show I listen to. There's so much to like about Roman Mars's short show on the invisible aspects of design. The stories are very rich and terribly interesting, and I feel like I'm learning things with each episode. (There are companies whose sole purpose is to name things! The Citigroup Building in New York could have been blown over!)
  • The Alton Browncast: I've had my love and hate streaks with Alton Brown but he shows how great an interviewer he is on his podcast. I haven't been interested in all of his guests for sure, but then there are keepers like the interviews with John Hodgman and Alex Guarnaschelli (highly recommended).
  • Back to Work: I've listened to every episode. When you have nearly 200 episodes, you don't bat 1.000. And the banter between Merlin and Dan is really, really off-putting for new listeners. But, there are great streaks of solid, insightful work and life stuff here. To wit: the episodes on sleep and really working with GTD. The show is never dry, but if you don't like either of the two hosts, you probably won't get with the show.
  • Designing Yourself: I listen to my own podcast. It's great.
  • Judge John Hodgman: Oh yeah, a long-time favorite - I've listened to every one. My wife and I can agree on one podcast, and this is it. Funny, smart, great pacing. Judge John Hodgman rules - that is all.
  • Radiolab: Just got into this and I'm not sure why I didn't listen sooner. Whereas I was growing fatigued by This American Life, Radiolab feels a lot fresher and interesting to me. Excellent pacing and diversity of topics.
  • The Spark & The Art: Tucker's new show on creativity and art. Great point of view, solid interviews.
  • The Talk Show: Probably the nerdiest one I listen to. Some shows are a miss, but many are genuinely interesting if you're curious about the mobile industry, Apple, and its competitors. The episode with Glenn Fleishman was revelatory, as it explained Bitcoin in terms I could fully understand.

I also have a few shows that I dip into now and then, but are not quite on the regular rotation. They include BLNCE, Bullseye with Jesse Thorn, Ladies in Tech, and Throwing Shade.

That's what I've got. If you listen to something good, let me know.