I love talking about big and small changes we can make in our lives and in ourselves. I highly recommend small changes, because they can make a difference.

Those little things can be easy and juuust enough to change a routine, even a tiny bit. Parking in a different spot. Sitting in a different seat on the train than you usually do. Wearing that top at the back of your closet that isn't your favorite.

Then, there are bigger things. The way you start your day. The way you think about your body when you look in a mirror. How you treat that one co-worker. Your bedtime.

But how do we call some of these things "bigger" and some "smaller"? Let's try this: what if all of these things are equally small? What if the big things are really small things? What if the only thing separating the big and the small things is the way you're letting yourself approach them?

For me, that helps me understand what's holding me back from doing the big things - me! Observe your reaction and classification to these parts of your life and yourself, and then you'll gain the opportunity to understand, change, and grow.