It is extremely likely that someone else has written a post about this, and I'm going to do this anyway.

A common argument I find myself using for not doing something is this: someone else has already done it. I often think of it in the context of a written piece or a tweet. For me, it starts with my critic chiming in. "Surely everyone I know has already read this and knows it, right?" "What can you possibly say that will be new for anyone?"

Then another part of me comes in and tag teams. "Yeah, you don't really need to talk about that." "She said it already and she said it so well. No reason to do it." "Don't bother." "A waste of time."

And then, another part piles on: "You know what else you could be doing? Folding laundry. And that to do list isn't organized yet. And what about putting some coffee on for tomorrow morning?"

You can see how quickly this could spiral from, "Hey, it'd be cool to talk about not doing something because I have something to say!" to, "You know, so-and-so had a great talk about that and there's no reason to rehash it."


Each of those parts of me are making assumptions and they're probably not correct. They want to be correct, but they're not.

Maybe no one else has heard or read that one post or watched that one video. Writing and thinking and sharing feelings - with myself, with others - is hardly ever a waste of time. And yeah, there's a to do list and it will never end.

But this is my experience, and it's unique. Sure sure, it may be very similar to someone else's… or maybe not at all. But a very judgy part of me wants to make that call on your behalf. Instead, I'm going to let this one go and see what happens.