UX, TechnologyPaul McAleer

7 Hot UX Trends for 2017

UX, TechnologyPaul McAleer
  1. Building diverse and inclusive design cultures with actions, not words.
  2. Solving real problems that impact people, not making a fucking hair brush with Bluetooth in it.
  3. Watching Apple give no fucks about usability, and watching no other large company step in to take their place, and watching everyone just kind of shrug it off because Jony Ive made a video about their new thing and his accent is pretty great.
  4. The fold makes a stunning comeback!
  5. Confusing UI and UX (repeat until the year 2075).
  6. Building tools and relationships to ensure families aren't torn apart by backwards-looking government policies that undo the progress of the last 50+ years.
  7. Development of apps that allow people to cope with a steady stream of bad/shocking/terrifying news and still be healthy.
  8. Bananas.