Today I decided to spruce up my monthly Spotify playlists with custom art. The way I did it was pretty simple: I opened up Keynote, started with the type, and began to work with it.

It wasn't lost on me that this is how I used to start designing websites. Nearly exactly. I would start with the logo for, or The Daily Ping, or fluffypillow, or theEngine* by going in to Corel Photo-Paint (I was stingy and also couldn't afford Photoshop until I got a student discount in art school) and selecting fonts and colors. It's not dissimilar to how font sites let you type in any phrase and see how it looks. That's how I started understanding it all, and that's how I started to visualize how my website could be.

It's funny because it's a very visual way of thinking, and I have shied away from that for quite some time. But this is a 20+ year old way of working and it's kind of nice to still have it there.


* = At one point I thought I would separate my personal site,, into at least two sites: phonezilla would be the home for more text-based stuff and theEngine would be where my photography, web exhibits, and other art would live. theEngine never quite came to fruition. Instead, that stuff continued to live in the Kreativ section of my site.