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Designed in a time-travelling vacuum

Paul McAleer

I’ve already talked about my geekiness for car interiors, so it was thrilling for me (really!) to read this interview with Peter Vidani of tumblr. He calls out car interfaces specifically.

You know, the interface in a brand new BMW today was thought up and developed in the same world as the iPad. What’s going on? We’re so good at the outside, and the engine, and the ride quality, but the interface on the little screen inside looks like it time traveled from 1999. I think the interface designer needs to be in the same room as the rest of the designers.

Me, I’m just thrilled that the interior of my 2012 Elantra uses the same font throughout. Everything from the radio display to the knobs to the buttons uses one single font. (The interfaces are satisfactory, but not consumer electronics-level.)

Why do these interfaces get the short shrift?