IA Summit 2017: 5 Minute Madness

Note: this article reflected my feelings on IA Summit at the time of attendance. As of 2018, I've learned of serious safety violations at the conference over many years. Please consider that when reading this, as my experience may not be typical. Until further notice, you should not attend the IA Conference (which is what IA Summit is now known as) or support the IA Foundation. – Ed.

Like everyone else at IA Summit, I had the option of talking about anything at 5 Minute Madness. A full writeup of the conference is forthcoming. Here is a hastily-written up transcription of my notes and thoughts from 5MM.


Resist ignorance in our work, our value, our values, what we do, and who we are.

Resist people who will tell you “no”. Listen to them, consider it. But press on.

And echoing Christina Wodtke's fantastic 5MM from last year: you are empowered. Do not architect hate. Privilege is freedom from explanation. Let us move toward a feminist IA, because the future and the world is non-binary.

Persist. Nevertheless.

You are helping others! We need you and your skills, your experience. Everything you bring. We need that.

This gets challenging, and this gets hard. But you can do this.

Rest if you must. Take care of yourself.

Exist. (totally cribbed my blog post here)

I want people to exist and bring their full selves to their lives when and where they can.

They might not be able to be visible in some situations for safety or personal reasons.

But it's critical for me to know that my friends and followers and coworkers and family and acquaintances are out there, pushing on, being themselves and just existing in this challenging time.

You are a part of my family of choice, in part because when I come here you see me. I see you too.


Suuuuper big thanks to Veronica Erb and Christina Wodtke for their inspiration and letting me steal a quote or two.