Paul McAleer

It's 2011, and I will judge your business by your website.

Paul McAleer

If your website has “default footer text” in the footer, that says to me that you don’t take everything seriously.

If your website has your hours and directions in Flash, that says to me that you aren’t interested in ensuring your information is visible to all devices.

If your website is sloppy or unorganized, that says to me that your site is a secondary or tertiary thought and didn’t get your full attention.

If your website leans on clip art, that says to me that you chose not to spend money or time on photography.

If your website has typos, that says to me that content isn’t important to you.

This isn’t 1995. The web isn’t new, commercially, anymore. Your digital presence is a reflection of your business, your brand, and you. If you don’t care about it, you won’t get my business.