Paul McAleer

Light and Airy

Paul McAleer

You may be surprised to learn that when I heard of the nifty new 11” MacBook Air, my initial reaction was not, “Crap!”

A part of me wondered, of course, what would have happened if I hadn’t bought the iPad and waited instead for the new Air. The Air is only 2.3 pounds in its smaller incarnation, which alleviates my concern of lugging around my 5 pound 2007 vintage MacBook. And it’s a Mac, not an iOS device, so it has a full keyboard and ports and things. Should be ideal, right?

To be honest with you, not really. One of the things I deeply appreciate about the iPad is the massive computing paradigm shift it includes, free of charge. I’m pleased that some of these conventions are coming to the Mac (especially the little-publicized feature of killing the entire concept of saving files - that is freaking huge) but, in the end, it’s still legacy technology.

A quick aside: all of Apple’s recent devices deemphasize local storage. You have options, of course, but it’s not as big a deal as it once was. The focus seems to be more on app storage, not data storage. But when you’ve got just 64GB of storage on the $999 Air and your music library takes up 30GB, you’re gonna need some elegant, invisible solution. Apple’s building giant data centers. Put two and two together.

If I were shopping for a new laptop and my needs were not of a pro level, the Air would absolutely top the list.