In March I became so very frustrated with my iPhone's autocorrect feature that I thought, "DAMMIT I AM GOING TO TURN THIS BLASTED THING OFF." And I did.

And I am here to tell you that everything is fine.

Here's what's changed.

First, I make typos. I always have and always will (until Google somehow just types things for me, which is scary as fuck) and now I need to correct them manually. I still miss a physical keyboard for this, but it's really not as bad as one would think. My overall typing quality is pretty good, turns out.

The other thing I've done more is dictation. It's something I had used of course, but it's been a lot more convenient to just talk to the device and let it type for me (but not in that creepy Google way, which is scary as fuck).

The only thing I do miss are the shortcuts I made for longer phrases, but I can deal.

So, if autocorrect really bothers you, go ahead and turn it off. It's fine. It's just a feature.