Paul McAleer

One Use Case for a Home Screen Gesture on iOS

Paul McAleer

My son loves the iPad. He’s able to work just fine with kids’ apps and books, and it’s really amazing for me to think that my 18-month-old is using way more advanced technology than I did even 2 years ago.

That said, the kid is into buttons right now. He could press a button all day. And the iPad has one button on its front, of course. And of course, Jackson will press this button as much as he wants… which takes him out of his app to the home screen. Not good.

For a while I’ve wondered if iOS can and should incorporate a button lock feature for just this use. (It could also be useful for kiosk-like apps.) The natural dilemma arising from that is, of course, “How does one get back to the home screen?”

Then I recalled that iOS 5 is set to introduce a four-finger pinch to return to the home screen. Boom.

This plus a setting in the Restrictions section of General Settings would do the trick. And I, along with many parents, would breathe a sigh of relief.