Paul McAleer

Our restaurant's mission statement

Paul McAleer

First of all, welcome.

When we opened our restaurant, we had big dreams and small pockets. Our dream? Change the way people eat. Transform the ways that people think about fast casual food and fast food and food in general. We wanted to get people excited about healthy food. Tasty, healthy food with a twist.

With our first food truck, we did it. It was a hit. Such a hit, in fact, that we are now in this brick-and-mortar location. We are proud to serve local, organic, and artisanal hand-crafted meals. These meals are truly farm-to-table. We work with farms just up the road, and not far away too. We visit the farmers. We know them. We trust them.

Because this isn't just about another restaurant, another place to come in and have a meal loaded with artificial flavors and colors and faux food, no. This is a movement. This is bigger than a meal, bigger than food. It will change the world forever, and we will reach everyone with our mission.

Our burgers start at $20.