Paul McAleer

Pinching on Reeder for iPad

Paul McAleer

One thing I see both as a blessing and a curse with the iPad is that affordances are mostly gone in the interface. Sometimes I just try stuff to see what happens, and sometimes the results are good.

I use Reeder for RSS (so should you) and discovered a very handy feature: pinching and expanding works in a few ways.

  • In an article, expanding will get the full article via Readability, even if the RSS feed is snippets-only. This is awesome. Pinch to go back to a snippet.
  • On the main feed page, expanding and holding open a feed’s card will let you preview the first five headlines and articles inside. Very handy to get a quick peek at what’s happening. You can just expand the card without holding to view the feed.
  • Opposite of above: pinching a feed reduces it back to card form.

Handy stuff, but I also have no idea how I was supposed to “just know this” in the UI.