Sunday is probably my most super duper productive day around the house. It's the day I catch up on laundry, pick up the yard, prep dinner, spot clean, and generally do chores (sometimes with the Broncos game on in the background).

Yesterday I sat down with my son to figure out everything that I needed to do and the stuff I wanted to do. His wants, of course, went right on the list. But as I was rattling off chore after chore and playing football with the kiddo, my wife said, “And relax.

“Relax?” I said.

“Yeah, you need to relax too. That's important.”

Over the past few weeks I feel like I've been relaxing very, very little. I've noticed those hard-to-change bigger patterns taking hold again. And one of them that pops up around this time of the year is, in fact, a declination of self-care. 

I added relaxing to the list. When the time came, I took a half-hour, put on some soothing music, and took a nap. I gave myself permission to just decompress and relax. It was refreshing and 100% necessary.

Take care of yourself first.