Paul McAleer

The Exhaustion

Paul McAleer

Car shopping is a draining process.

Photos can lie. Photos can be taken from certain angles to hide scratches, gashes, or other issues. Photos also don’t demonstrate how a car drives, how an engine sounds, or how a car’s switches work.

Needless to say we didn’t get a car last night and went home empty-handed; thus my tweet earlier this morning suggesting that dealers offer something - anything - for weary people like us who go home with nothing. Brownies? Cookies? iPods? Let’s be creative here.

Incidentally, yesterday I had the most high pressure experience I’ve ever had at a CarMax. They did the whole “Oh, you’re leaving… let me bring out my manager” schtick and everything. It was surprising.

Other fun bits from the past two nights:

  • We saw an Odyssey last night that was priced quite low and looked fine online. In person, however, the interior had obviously been beaten up (the leather had bashes and rips), it was dirty, the engine made horrible booming noises under acceleration, and it had nasty brake fade. This was at a reputable dealer. At least vacuum it, you know?
  • One salesperson offered to help us use to look for other cars. Uh… hm. No thanks. We speak internets.
  • Jeani did some looking on her own (well, with the kiddo) and had a really nasty experience, including having someone try to get her into a GMC Denali. Please.
  • Too many instances of “What do you want your monthly payment to be?”
  • “How much is this van?” “I don’t know.”

This coupled with the inadequacy of online car listing sites makes the whole thing draining.

To be fair, we had two good experiences at two other dealers a few weeks ago but decided against the cars they were selling for other reasons.