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UX opinions are like...

Paul McAleer

I hate to say it, but I guess I kind of am ragging on Tnooz, the site focusing on the travel industry. The latest piece that got me bothered? “Why user experience on travel sites is so important and how to get it right” by Timothy O’Neil-Dunne. All right! UX in travel! Cool! Let’s hear it! First line:

Although not a user experience expert I have the benefit of having built many different ecommerce businesses.

Oh. Hm.

The piece then devolves into a “this is great/this sucks” piece with no data, research, or anything but gut behind it. He’s obviously been deeply involved with Expedia since the start, being a founding manager there and all, but articles like this frustrate me only when they’re portrayed as one thing when they’re really not.

Also, I can’t find a lick of the supposed “how to get it right” piece in the article. The five pieces of advice at the tail end are time-worn phrases (“Time is money”) and offer no actual anything behind them.

Tnooz, get a UX expert to write for you (there are a lot of good ones at, say, Orbitz!) and take it from there. Yes, there’s value in improving UX in the travel space - lots of value. But a laundry list of sites and quick opinions on them isn’t a prescription; it’s just a blog entry.