I'm speaking at WebVisions Chicago

I'm speaking at WebVisions Chicago

I'm proud to share with you that I'll be speaking at WebVisions Chicago on September 25-26, 2014!

I'll be presenting a revised edition of "Better Living Through Design", the talk I gave at World IA Day back in February. So if you missed it, this is your chance to catch it again in my favorite city in the world! It's a fantastic lineup too.

WebVisions is a special conference to me. It was the first big conference I ever attended anywhere, back in 2006 in Portland. I got to meet Derek Powazek and Matt Haughey there, amongst many other new folks, and it was a thoughtful, fun conference. So to be on the lineup for this year means a lot to me.

Get your tickets early and get a discount

September's not that far away. You can register right this moment at the early bird rate of $275. Plus, use promo code MCALEER and you'll get 20% off. Boom.